Stuart Sandford, next to Polaroid Collage XI - LA/CDMX series, at Anggrek, 28 March 2024
Stuart Sandford (British, *1978) works across (and often combines) different media, including photography, sculpture, painting, moving image, and installation, and has pushed the boundaries of artistic expression, fearlessly investigating into themes of identity, queer culture, and the complex nature of human relationships.

In recent times, Sandford has ventured into the realm of sculptures, working with traditional materials such as bronze and marble but with a 21st Century approach of using state of the art 3D scanning and modelling. Whilst these sculptures can take many months or even years to complete, one fascinating facet of his artistic journey comprises his Polaroid Collages, which can best be described as an embodiment of instant sculpture.

Sandford’s captivating use of Polaroid photography as a medium enables him to capture both fleeting moments and deeper emotional narratives. By seamlessly blending intimate moments with both animate and inanimate objects such as flowers, plants, vintage road signs, landscapes, etc., he creates a compelling visual narrative that draws us into a realm where reality converges with imagination.

Sandford’s work has been shown in galleries and art institutions around the world such as Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Centre de la Photographie Geneva, it’s part of the permanent collection of the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles, and appears in many important private collections including the Sir Elton John Photography collection, the Koç Collection, and the Rennie Collection.

2006 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Selected Exhibition and Fair:
2024 Pleasure Boy, solo show, Anggrek Agency, Zurich
2022 Elysian Fields, James Freeman Gallery, London, UK (with Juliette Losq)
2021 Object to be Desired, ALMANAQUE fotográfica, Mexico City, Mexico (with Claudia Doring-Baez)
2020 LUSH, Almanque fotográfica, Mexico City, Mexico (with Marianna Corcuera and Federico Fernádez) 1421 Laveta Terrace, CULTUREEDIT / Tom of Finland Store - online
2018 Pictures, Queer/Bar, Seattle, USA
2015 Looking: Patrick Angus & Stuart Sandford, Edward Cella, Los Angeles, USA
2014 Teen Dreams, Invisible Line Gallery, London, UK
2011 Stuart Sandford: New and Recent Work, Wessel Snyman, Cape Town, South Africa


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